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Choosing the right lintel

How to choose the right lintel

3 things you need to know...

1)  Wall Construction

We have 1000's more products in-stock, so if you can't find what you are looking for give our experts a call and we'll aim to get it for you.

           Cavity Wall                                                   Timber Frame                                                         Single Leaf
           Solid Wall                                                   Internal Partition                                                  External Solid Wall
You need to know:  
A Outer Leaf  = 102mm brick                                                        
B Cavity  = 100mm 
C Inner Leaf  = 100mm Block
2)  What length you require
How wide is the structural opening?
  1. Measure the size of the structural opening i.e the clear span between the masonry supports.
  2. Add 150mm minimum bearing to each end.

Example lintel length = 150 + 1800 + 150 = 2100mm

3)  What load is to be supported
The load on a lintel comes from...
  1. Masonry
  2. Roof Loads: Truss/Attic 
  3. Floor Loads:  Joists/Slabs
  4. Live Loads: Residential use/Commercial use/Industrial use

The load ratio between the outer and inner leaves of the cavity wall need to be determined.  If you are not sure - we can put you in touch with a technical team who will be able to help you.  Just call 0845 450 7100.

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